Let JUSTEK drive the software that drives your business.

Do you sometimes find yourself lost in a maze of software specs and details? Choosing the right software, then installing and updating it, can be difficult and time-consuming. JUSTEK provides unbiased software advice, software installation and software maintenance services to keep your company running efficiently.

Consult with JUSTEK for harmonious software selection and deployment.

We can be your advisers as well as installers, informing you which point-of-sale (POS) software, as well as phone, internet and accounting software packages, work well together. We’ll also help you to determine the most effective software for a predetermined budget.

Our recommendations are untainted by the profit motive.

JUSTEK operates on the principal that in order to provide unbiased recommendations, one cannot be in the business of selling the stuff one is recommending. To do this, we act as a third-party business software and services consultant. We do not resell. We listen, understand, and advise you based on our knowledge and experience with small businesses.

Software management services R us.

Your business systems function best when they are maintained and updated. JUSTEK keeps track of your business software’s health and makes sure you are aware of the ongoing maintenance requirements. Along with network and security maintenance checks, Justek will perform regular checks on installed software, including email servers, making sure that programs are running efficiently, and with the latest updates.

Bookkeeping and accounting software can make you or break you.

Every business owner learns, sooner or later, the importance of their business bookkeeping software. Cash flow, income and losses, payroll, taxes and a host of other functions must perform reliably, else it will be very difficult to run a successful company. JUSTEK’s experience with small business operations ensues that the best bookkeeping and accounting software will be employed to make your company run better.

We speak small business POS software.

Let JUSTEK help your retail business with point-of-sale software. Because of our depth of experience with retail stores, hair salons, spas and restaurants, we can help you sort through the options and make the best choice. An affordable, effective solution for your company is just around the corner when you work with us.

Software Installation & Maintenance

  • Unbiased business software consulting
  • Bookkeeping and accounting software selection, installation and maintenance
  • POS software selection, installation and maintenance
  • Business email service selection, configuration and maintenance
  • Remote software tracking, reporting, and updating

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