With JUSTEK’s help, you can trust your servers to keep your data safe and secure.

JUSTEK installs, configures and manages file sharing servers, email servers, and database servers so that they are secure, reliable and fast, then monitors your servers remotely to fix small problems before they become big problems. Whether your company is upgrading, doing new server installation, or merely maintaining your current networks and servers, JUSTEK is ready help.

Server installations and networking are what we know.

JUSTEK keeps your business servers functioning optimally, specifying new file sharing servers, email servers and database servers, and maintaining existing servers for the best and most secure operations. We understand that server malfunction or failure is damaging to productivity, dangerous for stored data, and affects your bottom line.

Our philosophy keeps your business running.

Why give servers a chance to fail when maintenance is easy and affordable? JUSTEK’s maintenance significantly reduces the possibility of server issues through continuous evaluation, maintenance and even replacement of servers when necessary. In cases where server malfunction is imminent or has already occurred, JUSTEK will pick up the pieces and quickly move to recover files.

We’ll work with you to keep your business servers and networks healthy.

Properly maintained servers and an educated staff combine to stimulate efficiency in the workplace. Did you know that risky activities unwittingly performed by you and your staff are as likely as outside threats to bring down your servers? Dangerous file sharing and insecure service providers can damage servers and bring company operations to a halt. JUSTEK will help you by educating your staff and minimizing exposure to external threats.

Servers can and will become ineffective with time.

A server may operate efficiently for four to six years before an upgrade or replacement is necessary. Without updating, servers become slower, less reliable, more vulnerable to external attacks, and prone to expensive repairs or replacement. JUSTEK’s clients enjoy protection from server issues thanks to our regular updating of server software or server replacement in advance of major server issues.

What Server and Networking Services does JUSTEK Offer?

After evaluating your company’s needs, JUSTEK will create a unique networking plan for your company. JUSTEK does not purchase or sell hardware, instead suggesting the most appropriate hardware for your situation. As a result, JUSTEK acts more as a computer consultant, acting in the best interests of your company. In addition to patching and updating servers, JUSTEK backs up your company files and helps you determine whether data is best kept in cloud or server storage.

We’ll also help you determine:

Which kind of monitoring, remote access, updates, VPN tunnels and patches are necessary, and whether you should expand or reduce the number of servers.

How can we help you today?

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