PCs and laptops run better when clean.

Nothing runs quite so well as a new computer. Why do they slow down, overheat, and generally perform poorly after a while? You’d almost think squirrels were storing nuts in them for the winter.

While JUSTEK’s service technicians have never encountered that particular problem, they have run into some rather large dust bunnies from time to time. And there’s nothing digital circuitry hates like overheating.

Bring us your troubled hardware.
We’ve seen it all, and we’ll know what to do. From flushing out malware to upgrading small hard drives or sluggish hard drives, JUSTEK has the skill to restore your lagging computer to its speedy former self.

If it can’t be saved, you’re still in good hands.

What if we find that your sluggish PC or slow laptop are not worth fixing? We’ll recommend a major brand appropriate to your situation. Since we don’t profit from selling hardware, you’ll be assured of unbiased guidance. Of course, we’ll do everything we can to recover the data on your old hard drive and transfer it to your new computer.

PCs and Laptops

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