We apply tough love to smart phones, tablets and laptops.

While cell phones and tablets can be your most valuable business tools on the go, they can also be as unruly as a herd of cats on spring break. They are your network’s weak point, making your business  vulnerable to security breaches if they are not properly protected. Take control of your mobile devices with JUSTEK’s mobile device consulting, protection and upgrade services.

Use the other 90 percent of your smart phone’s smarts
One of our customers monitors video feeds via smart phone rather driving out to the location each evening. Another uses an app we found that incorporates GPS navigation to assist in locating sales meetings. A third controls office lights and temperature from afar. From reliable voice recognition to advice on the best apps for expense recording, JUSTEK will help you get the most from your mobile devices.

Keep data safe on tablets, laptops and smart phones

Cell phones and laptops can be the most vulnerable devices in your business network. Frequently overlooked when security measures are employed, these devices commonly store passwords, contacts and financial data as well as proprietary information about your business. Cell phones and laptops are easy to lose and susceptible to theft. A plan for these events is a big step towards securing your business data.

Here’s what we do when your device goes missing

JUSTEK uses encryption to keep information confidential on your cell phones, tablets and laptops. If your device is ever lost or stolen, we provide you with the ability to remotely wipe your data within minutes, while your data is safely backed up in our secure database.

Productivity and security consulting

Our customers enjoy a steady diet of helpful tips and great advice that keeps them up to date with the newest in both efficiency and security. Wouldn’t you love the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your technology consultant is 100% on top of it? JUSTEK’s clients do!

Mobile Devices

  • Business network setup for new mobile devices
  • Business app consulting
  • Data security analysis
  • Data encryption
  • Data backup
  • Device monitoring, remote wiping, data recovery

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