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With all of the options available today, how do you select the best smart devices, computers, servers, and software for your business? An independent consultant like JUSTEK is your best bet. We don’t sell computers or products, just our unbiased opinions and our IT services. Whether you’re looking to purchase or repair a business technology, we are here to help you navigate the tech world and help you make the best decisions for your company.

Repair, replace or upgrade?
Everyone has experienced a dramatic computer crash. Such a situation is stressful enough without the added burden of being uncertain how to keep your business moving forward. JUSTEK can help you distinguish between when it is more cost-effective to replace a computer and when repairing or upgrading it is the better choice.

We don’t sell stuff, we sell knowledge.

Because we are not in the business of selling, our product selections are based on only one criterion: suitability for the task. Whether you want to buy a computer, fix a laptop, navigate an iPad or iPhone, or compare cell phone plans, JUSTEK can provide the context for making sound decisions. We make all of our recommendations based upon what works for your business; most often, we suggest products that we trust and use ourselves. We charge a modest fee for our time, and you get peace of mind.

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