A Primer on Backups: Rule of 3-2-1

Backing up data is, to many of us, like flossing or exercising. We know it’s a good idea, but still don’t do it as frequently as we should. If you have ever felt the sting of lost data from the crash of a hard drive that wasn’t backed up, you will be highly interested in trying […]

Good Passwords and Internet Security

Almost nobody in business has had formal training in security or passwords. The only thing you’ve had is crazy IT admins yelling at you, or frustration with password setup processes that don’t seem to make sense. So let’s get back to the fundamentals. There are three components to authentication: 1. Who you are. Typically corporate networks […]

Justin’s 16 Rules of Thumb

When purchasing laptops and desktop PCs, don’t get the warranty if the computer costs less than $600. If you are buying a laptop that costs over $1200, seriously consider getting the accidental damage warranty for at least 3 years. If you see that a Java update is available …DO IT! Back up your stuff. Seriously… […]

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